Wine Sales Professional - DTC and Hospitality
  • Elizabeth recently joined a Sonoma County winery as Director of Consumer Sales, Wine Club & Hospitality Coordinator.

  • Elizabeth is currently serving as Board Member for the Napa Valley Hospitality Forum.

  1. Elizabeth has a very hands on, personable teaching style, always open for questions. She took a lot of the mystery and intimidation and arrogance out of wine education. I also really enjoyed the in depth tasting analysis and use in my day to day operations at work.
    Pete Schumer: Auction Specialist, Wally's Wine Auction
  2. Elizabeth Miller combines a solid theoretical knowledge with dynamism, precision, and wit. She brings a wealth of knowledge without preening and pretense. She will guide you with the skill of a master teacher, one that will make you glad to learn.
    Gawain de Leeuw: Director, Westchester Wine Enthusiasts
  3. I was fortunate to have Elizabeth as my instructor for the CSW Course. It was obvious the time and dedication she gave to the class, from the materials she gave out to the quality of the presentation she made. She is truly a professional and one would be lucky to have her as their instructor.
    Lee Justo: Sales Representative, La Ville Imports, Inc
  4. I had a fantastic experience studying under Elizabeth Miller in preparation for the CSW exam. Elizabeth created a classroom environment that was casual yet focused, and offered the right balance of instruction and discussion. She has a knack for keeping the class on track, and for zeroing in on what is to be expected from the exam. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for expert guidance in preparing for the CSW exam. Learning, laughing, and drinking wine? Sign me up!
    Dom Dorman: Former Student, Certified Specialist of Wine Course
  5. Elizabeth is a true wine professional with an electric personality. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about wine styles, grape varieties and wine regions, but she also possesses the rare ability to break down the complex world of wine into concise, relevant information for consumers. As an instructor with the Westchester Wine School, she doesn’t simply instruct, she shares her genuine passion for Wine & Spirits, always with a smile. Most importantly, Elizabeth takes the snobbery out of wine education, making learning about wine interesting, and enjoyable.
    Doug Kroll: Founder, Tolerant Taster Blog & Instructor, Westchester Wine School
  6. Elizabeth worked with me to build Scarsdale Strings and Scarsdale Strings Cares visibility from 2012 to 2014. Elizabeth’s expertise in marketing, advertising and website design is impeccable. She was able to interpret my vision and create either a logo or a marketing flyer that demonstrated who I was and what I wanted to achieve. Elizabeth is intelligent, hardworking and definitely understands how to engage the public in order to put a business on the map.
    Anna Stampfli: Founder, Scarsdale Strings
  7. I love working with Elizabeth. She is so passionate and indisputably well educated about the world of wine. Every conversation with her is like a mini wine class --- I always learn something new. She’s a great listener and always makes me feel comfortable asking questions. As a professional chef and avid home cook, it’s important to me that my dishes are paired properly with the right wine, and Elizabeth never disappoints. She has a great palette and culinary sensibility --- she’s definitely my “go-to” wine authority!
    Jennifer Rossano: Chef & Culinary Instructor
  8. Elizabeth has co-hosted the Fordham University Westchester alumni group for the last several years for our wine tasting event. She has done a great job pairing some fantastic wines with food and cheese for these events. The alumni have a great time and are very impressed by the wine knowledge from all over the world. She has also been very helpful personally recommending wines raining from champagne to dessert wines for my parties and family events.
    Marc Rosa: President, Fordham University Alumni Chapter of Westchester